Farming Evenstad: a new project is starting

At the beginning of the year I met a girl, full of energy, spirit and joy. Together we had in mind that it would be super nice to grow our on vegetables here on campus. We were talking about it and already collecting some materials. And suddenly the idea was spreading: some super motivated ERASMUS students and Norwegians joined the idea right from the beginning.

So the plan got bigger and bigger. At the end, we realized that there are so many students on campus interested in starting a farming project in Evenstad, motivated to help and ready to harvest. Now we are a small group of master students, ERASMUS students, Norwegians and veterinarians who are planing the first steps.

All together, we decided that we not only want to provide vegetable patches but also a compost, a greenhouse and even CHICKENS (for breakfast eggs only 😉 )!!!! In our first meeting, we found already tons of arguments that could support our plan. Well prepared, some members of the group went then to a meeting with the dean and Statsbygg to sort out the location and the financial support. The dean was very positive and helpful: we got some very nice patches just in front of the student accommodations where we can grow the vegetables and a cute, tiny chicken stable.

But we were not only just planing things, we were already active building some in – and outdoor herb gardens. For that, we were collecting some wooden pallets and upcycled them a bit. Now they are ready to use and to bring some green energy into the buildings 😉. So what´s next? We need to apply for money , try to make the chicken stable winter proof and get already some materials that we are ready to start next spring! Can´t wait to see the progress! 🙂


I keep you updated!

xxx Sabrina

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