Swimming, football, floorball, Volleyball, indoor gym, movies, and the most liked hiking or take a walk…

It’s been a stressful week, full of lectures, assignments, presentations and all you can think of. Finally its weekend you definitely need to rest, relax and think away from bookwork just for a day or two, but how do you go about it. At Evenstad, there are lots of ways to shake off the stress.

Do you like swimming? The Glomma river provides us with a place for that, coupled with the “Evenstad beach” as we call it, just a great place to relax and get some vitamins from the sun.


Football, Floorball, Volleyball pitches are always readily available, you want company all you have to do is ask and in less than no time a team will be in to start the fun, then you will realize you are not the only one who needs to shake it off.

img_20161104_085235  img_20161104_085217

The Gym, with musical set with all the necessary machines you need to lose some calories, keep the shape and be revived.

img_20161103_150013 img_20161103_145845

Our auditorium, “Ferdinand”, also used as our movie hall, unites movie lovers at night, a way to come together and have one common thought.

You just want to go out, enjoy outdoor, explore new places and be with nature? The mountains surrounding Evenstad campus welcomes you with open arms.


Though in the middle of nowhere, all you will ever want is just around you, explore your surroundings, and you will love it!  XOXO Civian‼!

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