Time to say good bye: a semester is ending


End of semester for me means going home for Christmas, enjoying the time with my family and coming back to Evenstad after New Years Eve , however for a lot of ERASMUS students it stands for the end of their stay abroad. Time was flying so fast: for me, it just felt like it was yesterday that we all met at the introduction days in the middle of August and I guess a lot of other people feel the same way.

Sure, for most foreign students it was not the cheapest semester but many things here in Norway were and are for free, wonderful and exciting. The surroundings of Evenstad offered amazing landscapes – in summer aswell as in the winter times – for wild camping, hikes and much more.

Sharing the flat with 6 ERASMUS students from all over Europe showed me one more time what amazing friendships grow and develop in just some weeks or months and for me it was a real pleasure to spend my time with you, guys 😉 .

And belive me, friendships made in Evenstad are very long-lasting. I met one of my best friends in my ERASMUS semester four years ago here on campus. And even they are not living in Norway nor in my home country we have a lot of contact and we meet at least once a year somewhere in Europe.

So, to end this last blog of 2016 I wish everyone a good and safe way home and hope to see some people back on campus sooner or later.

xxx Sabrina

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