Fra havet til skogen

This is the first blog post I ever write, and this happens because someone asked me if I could imagine to do this. I did not know, if I could.

What will I do when I sit in front of my laptop, on campus or in my bed, and the deadline is coming closer? But not for a report about voles, vegetation composition or multivariate statistics: For something, I can only find in my mind and my memories, which also means, there will be no help, no rules, no example.

This writing seemed so different from the kind of writing I am used to. Usually it is a no – go to write «interesting», to use adjectives or to fabricate long and colorful sentences. Scientific writing should be as clear and simple as possible, including many repetition of words and a very special, nearly mathematical use of words. But what will happen to me and my procrastinating brain, when for two deadlines in the month the rules are changed? I decided to try, so here I am.

And that is, where I want to start. I want to tell, how I came to Norway and how that happened in a quite similar way as I decided, to write blog posts.

And that story begins in Greifswald, a small university city in the very eastern Germany, by the sea.  At the time I studied «landscape ecology and nature conservation» at the University of Greifswald , and I was very happy to go swimming in the sea in the morning, read all kind of books I could borrow from the big library of the university (I think overall the city has 4 libraries, or maybe even 5?)  in cafés and to study in a «classical» way, alone in my room or between the shelfs of the library, accompanied by many books. There were some excursions and field – trips included in my studies, but most of it were lectures and it was up to me if I wanted to join them or if I preferred to do something else or to study by myself. Overall, I liked where I was and I liked what I was doing.


One day I was asked if I wanted to apply for a stipend to go abroad for one year. And first of all, I really did not want to. My English was horrible, close to non-existent. I was happy where I was and everything was okay. I was not the most talented with paperwork, I knew. It would be a lot of paperwork and organization. It would be different from everything I was used to and I would have to say goodbye to my favorite beach and all the well known people and places for one year. It would be trouble anyway.  But I decided, I applied, I got the fund and I decided to try.

This decision was made in 2014 – and where am I today? It seems, I am still not back! After some loop ways, my way to school looks like this lately:


After my year abroad, I decided to come back to Norway for the master program «Applied Ecology» in Evenstad, where I had spent a few days and weeks for data analysis before during my fieldwork (About that I will tell in another article, all I can say now: it is all about grass!)

Since the studies started last August, I spent most of my time indoor again, studying, writing reports, discussing ecology and life with my house-mates, teachers and other students. I read much more scientific articles now rather than old, big books. I spent much more time in the university rather than in a favorite café or library spot, also not so much at random times anymore, as I used to do in Greifswald.

Because at one point in the evening, it is time for dinner and to go home, on the couch, by the fireplace. Together with a bunch of other ecology students I am living together with. But that door leads to many other stories!


Preliminary conclusion: Everything is different, but again, I like it.

Ha det bra og vi sees!



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