What is Master in Applied Ecology about?

I just came back from Germany and now I have to catch up with so many things and do everything at the same time. One among the many things I want to do today is to write  this text and actually, what I wanted to write about is summarized quite well by all the other things I have been doing today. At least it can picture the one half of my studies of Applied Ecology.

Here are some keywords about my day: reading articles, proof-reading and commenting a thesis, discussing thesis topics, explaining my ideas about it to another student, wondering together what this might be useful for, sending e-mails concerning the ingredients of cow-shit, related to some cow- study I have been doing earlier.

The year of a cow in Norway is divided into a outdoor – season in summer and an indoor – season in the winter. And so is mine. Here you see my winter – habitat between statistic-program, scientific papers, concentration music, mind-maps and- well, some boots to go for a walk to visit the moose (very special Evenstad- feature) in between every now and then.


While there were long nights between the books in the past, now I have rather long days between people. The work we are doing here requires and includes a lot of communication. If another student of ecology was reading «novels», we would be reading and writing the newspapers here. It is the more recent, fast moving ecological science, where always new things appear, when you have been on holiday for two weeks.

And when we deal with all those philosophical difficulties, finding out why we should do it, what we do (ask philosophy and social science), if it is necessary and useful (ask social science and ethics) and how we should do it (ask the statistician first!!), we also walk around and wonder about all the living things we are somehow interested in, attracted to and dependent on.

And then we study them, if we finally went through or around our doubts and problems and got advice and gave advice from many, many other people. And that’s the moment, when the Evenstad-students are released into the mountains and forests like the cows and sheeps, to be free-ranging for a while: to do fieldwork and to collect data (which then again will be analyzed and «digested» in a long and sometimes painful indoor-season).

Also I will be outside again soon to do fieldwork for my thesis. I will tell about that part of my studies when the summer is coming closer. But I am already looking forward to sheep and mountains –  until then I will for sure stress my brain and draw some more mind-maps.


Ha det bra!









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