Finally thinking about sheep!

Several times I said: I need to start thinking about my master thesis. Now it’s about time to start thinking about sheep, about Norwegian mountains – and how those two go together!



Recently I joined a course about telemetry and spatial analysis. Now my head is full of sheep. In this course we visualized GPS-data of different animals in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). And suddenly all those numbers in a text file become visible, become pictures. I have to admit: the pictures I create in the moment from my sheep-data seem more like modern art and quite expressionistic, while I try to represent a sheep-walk through some «wild» mountains in a +- realistic way.

Even though it feels as if my last thesis was finished just a minute ago, it is already time again to jump into the next excitement (for sure), into in-field-decisions (for sure) , and surprises (for sure): «We do not know about the surprises yet!»

To keep the surprises as pleasant as possible, my data collection in the summer should be prepared as much as possible and I need to specify and to narrow down what I want to find out and how. It is no problem for me to get lost in the norwegian mountains, but far easier even is it in a pile of chaotic data or a messy study design.

Therefore it is time for intense thinking and discussing, as long as I have some human company down here in the valley of Glomma, to talk to. Soon, soon, I will spend most of my time among sheep (also great company, by the way).

But now, as the snow is melting, and the days are getting longer, there are also more people in Evenstad coming out of their hibernation! Therefore I had the chance this week to follow the invitation of Jack (on the right of the picture, with the fancy Finnish glasses; the field-assistent of my flatmate)  to join the hot tub.



After a long evening in (nearly) boiling water, it is time for me to get back to work and to my sheep. But, as my supervisor said: «The thesis is finished, just the work has to be done!» And so it may be. Let’s start the marathon again! And hope for some good company during the fieldwork as well!


Hilsen from the office, with great excitement for the fieldwork!



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