About studies, reality and a hungry moose


I just woke up from a long sleep and – from a long report. We had a deadline for our report of the last course, «Telemetry and animal movement analysis» yesterday at 12:00. This time the work was so intense that my «real life» stopped entirely for a while. But the small , special reality of my report felt especially surreal this time.

I was sitting in a old norwegian farm in a national park discussing heavily, usually excited, sometimes desperate, with my friend and fellow student and owner of the beautiful farm. We filled up the antique- idyllic room  with scientific papers, books, laptops, dirty dishes, knowledge, and many questions, while emptying many cups of coffee and tea, and at one point even some multebaer liqueur.

Screenshot from 2018-05-19 12-51-56
For my report I analysed GPS positions of red deer, in which were collared close to Evenstad QGIS and R to see how they are moving out in field and forests.

The room has windows, which allow us to see the sunset and sunrise. And the amount of work that was left in the last 24 hours, encouraged us to see both of them.

After a night of 3-4 hours of sleep and exciting last hours before delivering, we just rolled in the grass of the farmyard in the sunshine. It was over! And suddenly, here was reality.

I had to jump in the car to get back to university – no time to be tired now! Why did I rush there just after I had finished the course and report?
Because there, reality was waiting for me already. My studentjob here is a bit different from the one I had in Germany (copy, print, book rooms, read papers). In Evenstad, instead there are some hungry moose waiting for me, and especially for some fresh branches!

Idun does not care about animal movement models on a screen. She thinks, that’s obvious and is rather interested in food.

Finally and suddenly, summer arrived and another, for Evenstad typical phenomenon appears. Everyone is gone, for some days, some weeks, for «a while». For fieldwork, external courses, and very common words are: «I do not know yet, when I go / come back. It depends on the the fox / the snow / the temperature / the sheep .

For me, as I stay around Evenstad, at least for one more month (or more precise: until the sheep and me will be released into the summer pasture!) the business of other people here brings some luxury to me: Beside some moose, I am also enjoying the company of a wonderful dog and a whole bunch of very special chickens (They are special, because I will have to find out, who wants to cuddle more, the dog or them).

Reality, manifested in a dog, moose, chickens and also human friends, is waiting for me now!
Enjoy summer – and reality!

Ha det bra! 🙂



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