«We should come home from far…»

– We should come home from far, from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day, with new experience and character, advices Henry David Thoreau, a character full of love for wilderness and spending time outside in the forest.

Now when the summer is over and the second year of my master studies just started, I follow his advice. The fieldwork for my thesis is finished for now, and yes, I am already excited about the great surprises in the data, detective work, «What did that spider do?», «Do you remember that day, we saw both species in this ditch, what was the date again?» Great thanks to KoBoToolbox for tidy data collection , which made my data and life so much less messy by reducing the amount of this questions! At the same time this great tool is the reason that I stare at my phone on most of my fieldwork pictures, oops!

After spending most of my summer in rubber boots chasing spiders all over Sweden and Norway, many projects are waiting for me inside now. The summer is getting ready to leave and it was a great feeling of coming home, to light the first fires and candles in the colder evenings.

While some sunny days still offer invitations to be outside, to collect berries and mushrooms, I already have many plans in my head for the «being inside weather». My regular courses in HINN Evenstad will start in October and it is time left to get things done before that. In less than one month I will join a course about Bayesian statistics in west Norway, which will keep me busy until then.

I would have never believed this some years ago (while struggling with every p-value during my Bachelor): I am really, really excited about a statistics course. And I hope to turn some more «anxiety into wisdom» (quoted out of that book on the picture!), concerning statistical thinking, rethinking and over-thinking. If you are interested in the philosophy of statistics or if you want to go a bit further than just using statistical tools, this is a great read! 🙂


I usually do my daily to do lists with Eisenhower’s importance & urgent principle. It is a great tool to organise myself and to be less confused about life goals and urgent obligations. I learned about the principle in the «Decision Book: Fifty models for strategic thinking», collected by Michael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler.

Now I also did one of this to-do-matrix for the next weeks, which I will spend working on my own and spending time at home (after daily changes between Airbnb’s, tents, hostels, camping cars during the summer). This gives me the opportunity to tidy and develop myself and my projects again.

What will this time look like? It will be a colorful mixture of enjoyable activities. Reading, statistics, some R coding, first work with Norwegian wool, baking and cooking  Some points on that to – do – list are already started or are in preparation 🙂

I will let you know about my progress soon. I hope you enjoy your first indoor-projects.

Have a great start this semester and a nice autumn! 🙂


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