Happy new (graduation) year!

Hello, I am back!

After one month of travelling, I am finally back at my desk at Evenstad. Old notes and to- do lists want to be discovered within small piles I tidied them into before I left. Many papers are piled up here, waiting to be read again. Now my very last time as a master student is coming, the final spurt to the deadline until I will deliver my thesis in the end of April. I did not work much in the past month, because I needed a break both physically and mentally.


In travelling times I feel like a highly paradox character. I have been living abroad now for about 10 percent of my lifetime, but I barely know anyone who dislikes traveling as much as me. But living abroad is not really a challenge: Travel once, stay where you are, be ok. But of course, about once a year it is time to go back home. Then the travelling starts for real and I feel disturbed from my continuity of life and thoughts.

At first I almost did not want to accept this disturbance (and spend the 4th Christmas in a row not with my family) but I am happy I did. In a one-year project, it seems to be good to let go of it for a little while and to collect some energy for the demanding last months. To talk with some people out-of-ecology and tell them about my Master project helped me to form and structure the context of my thesis more. It is sometimes nice to talk about it without any «scientific expectations». In those moments I realize more how exciting and fun the things I have been doing really is. Also non-ecologists find it a little more curious that we run around, hunting spiders with a box and a sponge (while reactions to the matching pictures again are mixed!).



Fieldwork memories and anecdotes are useful now in my returning office routine in the middle of my second norwegian winter. Behind all those data, I turn around on my laptop every of those days, are so many stories which want to be remembered. Stories, that smell of bog and muddy water sound like mosquitoes and cry’s of happiness if the spider went finally into the box (or not).

This data, which I will spend so many more hours with , are not only numbers in a table for me, but also memories of living beings, nature and swedish ditches. I have the opportunity to undertake the whole process, starting from the planning of the fieldwork to hopefully publish a paper one day with a lot of great help and supervision. Like this I am looking forward to months of writing and hard work.

So let’s get started now. I wish you all a productive year 🙂



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