The master’s thesis path

It seems to go so slowly and you know that you have not got much time left. You can’t see clear, you can’t see far. It is tiring and you are exhausted. You know that it will feel great to arrive at one point, but it keeps snowing and it is sometimes colder than expected. A master thesis can feel like a long and difficult walk on slippery roads. It is part of the game to not feel prepared and ready. But we have to go on anyway.


For me, my master’s thesis is the first long-term project, I work by myself during my studies. And I am lucky to find myself in a place with so much support during this period. I want to tell you about some small lights and cabins along this long road, which make the journey through my thesis so much more enjoyable for me.

Working alone, I am especially good at one particular thing: procrastination. I think again and again about something without doing it. Finally there is a period of panicking, and only after that I will do whatever I have to do.  After being a student now for about six years, I finally see improvements in my working habits. And the Master studies in Applied Ecology at Evenstad have played an important role in those improvements.


Why? Because they have given me some structures to hold on to, when it was slippery and some small lights on the way, when the night was falling on my scientific walk. And there are always people around on this path, to help me as soon as I am not sure anymore if I am walking in the right direction right now.

Today for example, I reached again a small intermediate goal, which motivated me during the last week to keep going.  Our «master class» met with the students who started the same program one year after us.

The goal was to train for the thesis defense and to present what we have done so far. But at the same time this also forces me to export information out of my head, to condense and clarify them. The feedback of our coordinator as well as of the other students makes me aware of aspects I do not see myself. Those meetings happen regularly during the time of the thesis and catalyse all periods of the process.

They motivate beforehand, because they require preparation. But as soon they are over, they also bring a lot of motivation with them, as they give new input. Because we get regular updates, what the other students are working on right now, it is easier to help each other and to walk together a little piece of the way here and there.


Have a great weekend and stay warm, even if it is cold outside! 🙂


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