Advantages of studying in a remote place


In most of my former blog posts I wrote about forest, long ways through the snow to reach the university in temperatures beyond – 30°C, about feeding moose and chasing spiders . But I know from so many students here – they only believe how remote this place really is when they see it with their own eyes.


For sure, it is not the right thing for everyone. But for some people, it is just a perfect place to spend a little bit (or a little bit more, as in my case) of time far from accumulations of human beings. Now, as my time here is soon coming to an end, I made a small list of specialties.

  • If you like to spend time by yourself, there you go! You enjoy the company of animals,  trees and books over human company? Perfect. You can have plenty of company in this place then.
  • You love dogs? You love moose? There are more of them than people here 😉


  • Social pressure? – What are you even talking about?
  • When you come back to civilization and you hated it before, there might be some things you enjoy now. I just bring some examples: A shop closer than 10 km to your house, a coffee shop, more than one bus per day.
  • Priorities. You really want to see a friend for dinner? You really want to go to the cinema? Just get in the car and drive one or two hours. And either it was really nice and worth it, or you will probably not do that again. Life becomes more straightforward and simple.
  • You are a bit shy (like me) and usually you like to hide in the lectures, so barely anyone knows you have been there? Especially not the lecturer? But you also think it is maybe time to overcome this? Here I have never had the chance to hide, as we were most of the time only a handful of people in one room. So if you want the «too shy to survive or to ever speak in class» challenge, it may be an interesting place for you.
  • You never (rarely) get tired of scientific discussions? Here you have the chance to spend a very high percentage of your thoughts and words to science, because you are gonna be in some kind of a ecologist-scientist-hunter-fisher-world on it’s own and the probability to live together with someone who is not ecologist – let’s say it’s quite low.
  • You like snow and low temperatures for like more than half of the year? Good. Here is a picture from an excursion in may last year. May!


I think there are many very good reasons to experience life at INN Evenstad as an ecologist. It has taught me a lot and pulled me much deeper into science and ecology. It has also let me forget about the world a little bit.

For most people, this experience of studying abroad is limited to a certain time. For me, while actually never actively seeking to live abroad, now almost four years have been quite a long time. And besides all the great and beautiful experiences, there are also a few things that became rather hard after a long period in another country. But I will tell about all that another time 🙂


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