Greetings from far…

Imagine a farm house in the mountains in Norway, a couple of hundred years old. Outside there are horses, a fire place next to you and a dog sleeping in front of it. It is getting dark outside, but still a little bit of sun reaches over the mountain and meets the slowly melting snow and ice in the farmyard. Looks like holidays, sounds like holidays.


That is how I would love to start telling a story about my holidays. But in fact, it is very different. If you look further, on the table, there are cups full of tea and coffee, huge amounts of chocolate and cookies . And computers. Now it rather looks like some kind of a gaming party.

Only the hundreds of papers and dozens of books on the table could make the unknowing observer guess that this here is science in its most intense stage, because the deadline is coming fast. There is one week left until we all will deliver our master thesis. We are into some sort of aliens, speaking a very different language. During every meal, which human-like (i.e. non- student) people prepares for us, we suddenly start to speak in our own language (AIC, AICc, BIC or AIC???), which does not make sense for anyone around us.

Definitely, it was time now to disconnect from reality, entirely. Now it is time to synthesize and connect the work of a whole year. And one year is a long time. So now, go inside the head and stay in there. This year has taught me a lot about working on my own. And especially, it has taught me how much I actually need others around me to work on my own efficiently.


Proof-reading and discussions, asking each other for help and opinions have been an important part of my scientific development. Especially, it helped to stay stupid (see the great article: The importance of stupidity in science ), but motivated enough, to be creative and productive. And how would we manage all this code without some help? Of course it is possible to solve the most complicated stuff on your own. But to get the comma in the right place on your own every time? Really, forget about that.


So here we are, in the last act. One last moment, to not think about the future, not to worry about anything else than writing and correcting, for one more week. During the past months I also made some plans for the time after my studies. But now everything is on ice (on thin ice, though), and waiting to be thought about (and to be written about), as soon as this chapter is finished.

I am so excited about how my master thesis will look in one week. There is still a lot of formatting to do. For now, everything is still great, as great as it can be. All the best luck, if there is also a deadline approaching for you! 🙂



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