My best memories from Evenstad

Finally spring is here, or maybe one could call it already summer. The snow-free time here at HINN Evenstad is short, so there is no time to waste between winter and summer. This is already my third summer here as a master student, and probably the last one. I am sure that I will miss this place, but I will bring many good memories with me. Here I will summarize some of my best memories from my stay here.

1. Fieldwork

Fieldwork is exhausting. You are dirty, cold or/ and wet, the weather is often not that great. But still, somehow we are always excited to go out (to count moose shit or to chase spiders) and afterwards we always look back on it as a great memory. Fieldwork is like a constant ‘feeling’ here,  conveyed by rubber boots, outdoor clothes, muddy cars with a lot of stuff inside and work at unusual sceneries and hours. And if you are studying wetland species like me, good luck with finding a dry spot to sleep.



2. Office Work

Because there is quite a lot of space for not that many students, we master students have our own ‘office’ here. I really love that, because all my big piles of paper can stay here and wait for me when I am going home. Like this it has been much easier for me to keep structure in my days and I think I avoided some of the common student miseries, from which I was suffering from before. Help is never far away, and usually steady progress on whatever I am working on because of my surroundings.



3. Travels

My university experiences up to now were quite monotonous in terms of getting from my house to the university. At Evenstad things are a bit more interesting. I had to cross a forested landscape every day, along Glomma, the largest river of Norway. I almost collided with a moose on my bike. Sometimes, I had to remove small, fallen trees from the road to pass with the car, when the snow started falling. And sometimes there are people arriving with canoes or horses at school, or with a moose on a trailer. If you want some surprises while staring out of the classroom window during a lecture,  there you go!



4. Unusual People

A place like this attracts and keeps a variety of interesting people. I guess also the low density of people overall makes them more interesting to me.  But certainly there is always space for surprises if you just wait and see. There is always someone coming back from a crazy field trip, doing some unimaginable ski-tour in even less imaginable temperatures. Another really enjoyable memory I will have from Evenstad is my time with different animals, like dogs 🙂



I hope you had a very nice 17th of May and enjoyed the sun! 🙂


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