Almost goodbye, Evenstad!

So here we are. This will be my last blog post as a student. The defense of my master thesis will be in one week, and some days after my time as a student will be forever over. After six years of studying, reading, and chasing deadlines, all this will be finished soon. Really?

Not entirely. I am lucky to have a little plan for the next three months, which has calmed down my fear of the black hole after my master a lot. I will get some Erasmus + funding to do an internship in the group for theoretical ecology at the University of Regensburg in Germany. Erasmus initial goal is to make students explore other cultures. But why not encounter my own culture after living abroad for over four years?

Maybe it will be necessary. Actually, I am a bit anxious about speaking german, especially in a professional context. It is not that easy for me anymore, and I often interrupt myself with «how is this in German now?», often to find out that I will anyway say it in English or that maybe it is just the same. So I am a bit scared about the language confusion, but I am sure I will get used to it after a little while.

This short experience will give me the opportunity to find out if I can imagine myself living in Germany again on a permanent basis. Would it be a suitable country for me to live in? Is it possible to get back to civilization? For sure, the possibilities I can imagine to explore, are plenty now. Evenstad has prepared me not only for the job market, but also for making decisions which are the best for myself and to ask for help and advice. Even though I do not feel ready for anything, I am optimistic and everything is as good as it can be!


Some general advises when the end of your studies is approaching, which I learned during some past crisis of «future fear»:

1. Don’t freak out. There is always gonna be some cleaning job to do (either for floors, or for data).

2. You can already start looking around to see what kind of job opportunities there are in your field. But don’t go crazy and don’t put pressure on yourself, before even finishing your studies. It is normal that it takes some time to find a relevant job after graduating.

3. It is good to have some low-pressure time after graduating, for example woofing, work-away or also an internship somewhere that is interesting for you. This way the ‘black hole’ is not so dangerous and it is not so frustrating to be ‘jobless’.

4. It is good to be ready for some compromises, but usually our interests are also a guide for what we are especially good at and for what we may bring the most energy and enthusiasm. Express your interests, and follow them. Talk to people and don’t just let go of your interests too easily. Maybe someone will remember your special interest one day and come back to you.

So let’s see what will come here, good luck to you and happy science! 🙂

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